About Us

Andrew Dodd and Tony Reeves commenced Stirling Conveyancing Services in 2013 to offer a more personalised service to their many clients who have supported them throughout their years in the industry. They will continue to offer the efficient, complete and professional service to which they have become accustomed, to ensure their client’s interests are always being protected. This is accomplished by diligently communicating with their clients throughout the entire settlement process; something that seems to be neglected by modern conveyancing companies focused on volume rather than quality of service.

Tony Reeves B.Bus, Licensed Settlement Agent

Tony has amassed 20 years’ experience in the industry. For the past 16 years he has been the licensee in bona fide control (and owner/Director) of a conveyancing firm.

The basis of his exemplary service is his meticulous approach and the communication he provides to all parties involved in the conveyancing transaction.


Andrew Dodd

Andrew has over 20 years’ experience in the conveyancing industry and has been an owner/Director of a conveyancing firm for over 15 years.

Longevity in the industry has enabled Andrew to develop an extensive and loyal client base. The level of support from his clients is a result of the service levels he has provided for many years. He is passionate about his profession, extremely conscientious, and has an eye for detail that is second to none.


Prior to entering the conveyancing industry, both Andrew and Tony gained previous experience in the administration of deceased estates, so they are particularly well trained in conveyancing for these matters.